We are a mobile service
We cover all of Kent

    TEL:   07582 677580
  • We provide High Quality IT Support
    for general users and small businesses

    Our mobile agents visit you at your home to fix and optimize your computer.
    All of our agents are fully referenced, qualified and insured.

  • We provide High Quality Websites
    for your business

    We have our own in house web developer with the experience required to take you
    through every step. We have various packages available for all budgets.

  • We provide a yearly check up service
    for a set fee. Book today

    There could be a virus or spyware slowing down your computer. It is important
    that you regularly check for such problems and keep your system upto date.

IT Support - What We Offer

There are two types of service we offer, remote support and site visit support. Remote support is when we fix the problem without having to come to your premises. This can be done by controlling your computer remotely. This involves you sitting in front of your computer and clicking on a pop-up box that allows us to control your computer with your authorisation. This can be a very quick and cheap option if the problem allows us to do this. A good example of when remote support is most useful is when you may require us to set up an email account for you or for initial diagnosis of a problem you might have.

The site visit service is when an agent has to visit you at home to to fix the problem. When your computer is running slow or it has a virus a site visit would be required. There is not enough space to list all of the services we offer so the best thing to do is call us and we will give you a price and time scale.

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